Lessons In Resilience: How To Overcome Setbacks In Life

Hey, Dan here 👋🏽

If you’re going through some setbacks right now, or injuries, or in a frustrating life situation you can’t see how you’ll get out of…

First thing I’d do is invite you over to my home in Kelowna, BC We’d sit down on my big sofa next to a roaring fire.

I’d tell you that you’re not the only one, and that you’re not alone.

Then, I’d pour you an ice cold Zevia and tell you about the time I felt completely hopeless, and what I did to get out of it:

Grab a seat, here’s what happened ←Link to video

This experience taught me a lot about what I need to BECOME when p**p hits the fan.

I always remember this when I feel like the whole world is against me.

You know what?

I made it through.

And I know you can too.

How to make it through tough times

Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur, an investor in 40+ startups like Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce and the creator of SaaS Academy, helping over 800 B2B SaaS founders scale faster. He’s founded five SaaS companies and successfully exited three of them. If you want to scale faster without hitting the usual roadblocks, make sure to follow him on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

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Originally published at https://www.danmartell.com on November 7th, 2022.



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Dan Martell

I coach ambitious software founders | Award-winning angel investor / 5x founder with 3x exits | Speaker | Proud Father.