Learn Growth Hacking: 5 Killer Strategies to Become World-Class at Driving Market-Share

Alright, fine.

I’ll go on record and say it.

There is a huge difference between marketers who call themselves Growth Hackers… and those who actually know the SCIENCE of it.

Using the term ‘Growth Hacker’ in your LinkedIn bio doesn’t matter. It never did.

All that matters are the actual numbers.

In 2008 when I moved to San Francisco I met Sean Ellis, the guy that came up with the term ‘Growth Hacker’.

Sean is the CEO of GrowthHackers, author of Hacking Growth and he popularized the term. I have huge respect for him.

But let’s be real: growth hacking is a fancy name for metrics-based-marketing (that’s what we use to call it pre-2008).

Rather than traditional (and often outdated) marketing methods, it’s about granular metrics that allow you to measure funnels, flows, messaging, and your product-market fit in order to improve the virality of your marketing.

Done right, it means a tidal wave of attention and… sales.

For 20 years I’ve been analyzing and testing methods for explosive viral growth in business and I’ve made friends with lots of marketers that were doing this even before me.

What I want to share in today’s video are the specific tactics, strategies, and insights I’ve taken away from my own experiences and from being around some of the smartest marketers in the world.


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If I take everything I’ve learned about growth hacking and squeeze it into 5 high-level points, this is what you get:

  1. Innovate (gotta get your fundamentals right)
  2. Tooling and APIs
  3. Work Backwards (the 3 Fs)
  4. Copywriting
  5. ABT (Always Be Testing)

I love marketing.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m a product guy, developer, and a technical founder.

But smart marketing allowed me to grow my 5 tech businesses, and successfully exit 3 of them.

If your attitude is “leave the marketing to the marketers”, I’d encourage you to challenge that idea.

If you create a culture around growth hacking in your business, you might find that scaling rapidly is just a few innovative ideas away.

Where do you start? With this week’s video.

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Originally published at https://www.danmartell.com on July 13, 2020.

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