How Your SaaS Setup Fee Can Fund Business Growth

Dan Martell
2 min readMar 14, 2022


Bootstrapped and need to increase revenue?

Or need a quick injection of cash to scale your SaaS?

Here’s an interesting way to get your CLIENTS to fund your growth…

It’s not anything new…

But it’s massively under-utilized.

If you haven’t already implemented a setup fee, you should consider it!

Here’s why…

When my brother, Pierre, was looking for an email marketing solution

He was told that the company had a $2000 Setup fee.

Basically he’d have to to pay UP FRONT to have access to the software that he would then pay every month to use.

Sometimes it’s called a Setup Fee or an Implementation Fee.

Maybe a Migration Fee or Training Fee.

But fair warning…

Do this wrong and it can backfire.

Watch the video and I’ll unpack why (and HOW) to do this the right way:

Everything you need to get your setup fee structure right is in the Implementation Fee Designer™ training… grab it here! 100% free of course.

Good news…

When done right, you can use this “fee” to fund your…


Sales commissions


Your growth!

Because those implementation fee funds gives you more margin AND more potential to scale.

In this week’s video, you’ll learn:

  1. How to design an implementation fee that improves sales and increases overall quality of customer
  2. Why creating an implementation fee helps reduce churn by 10–30%
  3. Positioning the fee as a needed and necessary step in the customer’s success
  4. Reduce CAC recovery by months

Considering adding an implementation fee to your product? Grab a FREE copy of the Implementation Fee Designer training and worksheet. Click HERE to get your copy now.

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