How To Hire People Who Are Smarter Than You And Get Out Of Their Way

“I can’t find the right people”

“I’ll just do it myself”

“Nobody cares about my business as much as I do”

As a founder, it feels easier to do things yourself.

I get it.

For many years I was scared to death about giving up control.

I wanted to be the best at everything in my business.

Sales, marketing, operations, product development.

But you know what?

It stunted my growth a lot.

Imagine trying to fly a plane at 500mph…

WHILE you serve coffee. While you clean the bathrooms. And while you help passengers with their luggage.

That’s not a flight anyone would want to be on!

And yet that’s what many founders do when they micromanage their team.

The good news is, once you make the one simple mental shift Corey and I talk about in this video…


You’ll never feel the need to control everything again.

Check out this week’s GSS episode where Corey Wagner reveals his top tips for building the CEO mindset that’ll unlock more success for you than ever before.

In 2021, my team and I helped 500+ ambitious SaaS founders blast beyond their yearly goals! If you want to achieve your goals faster in 2022, Book Your 45 Minute Free Growth Session Here>>>

Corey is the founder of Bananatag, the world’s leading internal communication software company.

Since 2011 he grew his small family-owned business to a powerhouse SaaS with a 120 sized team, from scratch without external funding.

The key to his success?

Finding good people, who do things better than you…

Then just get out of their way and let them get on with it.

In this video, we’ll go over exactly that and also:

  1. Paying The “Stupid Tax”
  2. The Right Way To Use “Sweat Equity”
  3. Perfect Your Pivoting
  4. When To Leverage Coaches
  5. The “Exponential Growth” CEO Mindset

If you’ve ever struggled with letting go and want to unlock exponential growth, check it out.

Looking forward to hearing your top takeaways in the comments!

Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur, an investor in 40+ startups like Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce and the creator of SaaS Academy, helping over 500 B2B SaaS founders scale faster. He’s founded five SaaS companies and successfully exited three of them. If you want to scale faster without hitting the usual roadblocks, make sure to follow him on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

Join his exclusive Scaling SaaS Founders Facebook Group.

Originally published at on November 22nd, 2021.




I coach ambitious software founders | Award-winning angel investor / 5x founder with 3x exits | Speaker | Proud Father.

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Dan Martell

Dan Martell

I coach ambitious software founders | Award-winning angel investor / 5x founder with 3x exits | Speaker | Proud Father.

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