How To Build a Successful Marriage (5 Strong Marriage Tips)

Today I want to share with you how to build an EPIC marriage and avoid divorce.

But wait a second–

How the heck am I qualified enough to talk about this stuff?

Sure, I’m married… but I’m not a marriage counsellor or a therapist.

The truth is: I’m not “qualified”. I’m just a guy that has worked through some pretty difficult stuff.

Before my marriage to Renée, I was engaged to another woman.

(Yeah, I bet you weren’t expecting that!)

The whole thing fell apart 2 months before the wedding when she came home, dropped the ring on the table and said.

“I can’t do this anymore”

I thought to myself, “How am I so good at business… but so freakin’ BAD at relationships?”

Something had to change.


I’ll give you more backstory in today’s video, but these are the 5 tips that I SWEAR by, and that helps make my marriage to Renée the most fulfilling part of my life.

I was never naturally gifted at anything.

I was the ADHD kid at school that always got in trouble, and no-one was expecting that I would succeed.

My parents divorced when I was a teenager…

Despite feeling like the odds were stacked against me… I decided I was going to become a great partner, a great husband and a great father.

No-one was going to stop me… ESPECIALLY not my own damn self.

If I became good at business by seeking advice, finding mentors, feeding my brain with books, and always finding ways to improve myself — then it was time to do the same for relationships.

An epic marriage does NOT happen by chance.

You work for it.

It’s 100% worthwhile, and this video is how I’ve learned to be the best I can.

I’d love to know if these 5 tips resonate with you.

Drop me a comment on the video and let me know.

Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur, an investor in 40+ startups like Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce and the creator of SaaS Academy, helping over 500 B2B SaaS founders scale faster. He’s founded five SaaS companies and successfully exited three of them. If you want to scale faster without hitting the usual roadblocks, make sure to follow him on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

Originally published at on January 25, 2021.



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Dan Martell

I coach ambitious software founders | Award-winning angel investor / 5x founder with 3x exits | Speaker | Proud Father.