A little while ago one of my businesses got 18 demos and 0 show-ups…


Crazy? I know right.

I couldn’t understand how it could be ZERO…

They had all booked a call that was on the calendar.

They had all received email confirmations.

And they had all gone through the pipeline smoothly.

Or so we thought…

Here’s what happened:

After a week of digging, we figured out it was related to one of our sales development reps calling to confirm the call.

After the SDR called them … the people who would’ve shown up didn’t want to show up…

When we talk about scaling…

What comes to mind as your #1 bottleneck:

Securing capital?

Getting the right people in the right seats?

Dialing in your systems and OKRs?

Well here’s a curveball.

What if it’s none of that?

What if your #1 bottleneck is your VISION?

It’s crazy, I know…

Most founders tell me.

“No no Dan, I got that part down. I’m a visual person.”

You’d THINK the easy part is the vision.

And that the execution is where you fall short.

But actually…?

Very few founders have what I call a “vivid vision”.

Without one, your team…

Imagine you’re the captain of a ship.

You’ve recruited sailors.

You’ve sailed out of the harbour in search of far away treasures…

And now you’re caught in a raging open sea storm.

Water splashing onto your boat from every direction.

Waves so tall your ship could sink at any moment…

And now the self doubt hits you:

“Will we make it? Should I really have done this?”

Sounds a lot like the life of a founder, doesn’t it?

Here’s the deal:

If you’re building a business, it’s going to be HARD.

99.9% of people aren’t ever going to run a…

When Josh was 18, he saw a young entrepreneur in his town driving a lamborghini…

A guy who lived in the rich part of town.

“Wow, this guy is SO young, and so successful. I wonder what he does.”

Josh was amazed.

And that was it.

Josh didn’t need any more convincing.

He dropped the idea of going to university. And he decided to just follow this guy around until he got a job.

Which worked.

Josh landed work with the guy, soaked up as much as he could, and after his ‘apprenticeship’ was over, Josh went out there to…

If you’re about to assemble a board of directors, or you already have one…

I bet this is your worst nightmare:

Struggling through a slide deck while investors attack you for three hours straight.

… sweating under your shirt hoping it doesn’t seep through.

And let’s not forget:

– Investors forcing your hand with their short-term vision.

– “Observer” board members disrupting your meeting and chiming in to sound smart.

– And members talking a lot asking questions already sent in the board deck.


For some founders, meeting with their board is the WORST day of the quarter.


As a business owner, you’ve likely sailed through “company killing storms”…

No new customers for weeks.

A key team member abandons ship when you need them the most.

Mass ‘customer exodus’. You name it.

But some of the worst storms happen during the early stages.

And Ryan and Wissam, founders of Rise, are sailing through the early stages now.

Rise gives founders corporate credit cards without a traditional 2 year history check. So long as there’s cash, Rise uses the cash as security to back the card.

I think it’s an awesome solution.

Now for the implementation.

The other day…

Have you ever been a victim of ‘shelf help’?

Yeah, I’m talking about non-stop consumption of personal development materials.

You buy a book, skim through it, and then add it to your shelf…

You listen to podcast after podcast. And you read through blog posts adding them all to Evernote as you look for fresh growth hacks.

But no matter how much you consume, it still feels like you’re in a sinking canoe paddling upstream.

And none of your efforts are creating momentum.

So today, I want to give you a different approach.

Why not paddle downstream?

I believe the…

Imagine a stranger sent you a box of toys…

So many you had to hide them from your kids because it’s more than you’d give them on a Christmas day!

That’s the story of how I met Brad Pedersen.

Random chance encounter in the Air Canada lounge several years back.

We got talking. And then Brad dropped the question:

“Do you have kids?”

“I do.”

“Give me your address and I’ll send you a gift.”

Turns out Brad is a real-life Santa Claus.

He’s built a toy company that’s shipped billions of pieces of plastic around the world…

And now…

I just searched “B2B SaaS Growth Hacks” on Quora.

And here are some answers I got:

“Tweak your website copy.”

“Add testimonials.”

“Create an email sequence.”

Yeah, I’m not joking…

These are considered some top growth hacks.

But when I think about growth hacks, I think of my days back in San Francisco spending time with the guy that actually came up with the term ‘Growth Hacker’.

Sean Ellis.

Fast forward 5 years…

And after spending millions on paid acquisition, what he taught me is still how I see growth to this day.

Growth hacking is about getting customers with…

If your goal is to 2x over the next year…

How do you make sure you’re taking the right action to get there?

You’ve got plenty of ideas…

But which ideas are worth your time?

The last thing you want is to leave a trail of half completed projects online…

3 videos

Twitter hasn’t been updated

Cold email list..

For your team and the rest of the world to see…

That’s the challenge.

And that’s what Kevin Wood, the founder of CrossFit Moncton, was scratching his head about when we jumped on a zoom call the other day.

He had…

Dan Martell

I coach ambitious software founders | Award-winning angel investor / 5x founder with 3x exits | Speaker | Proud Father.

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